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NEW! Preheat Your Cottage, Cabin, or Home Conveniently by Phone

- TORONTO, CANADA- Does the weekend trip to the cottage leave you cold? Are you tired of arriving to a cold home after a late day at work? Enertel Controls Inc. has developed and patented a convenient, energy friendly and cost-savings system that allows you to pre-heat or pre-cool your cottage or home by phone.

Enertel Controls' ET-2 and ET-4 allow users to maintain their heating or cooling systems in a dormant energy savings position while they are away and have a "comfort setting" activated a few hours before they arrive.

These products give cottagers and homeowners the chance to save a significant amount of money without having to invest in an expensive home automation system.

The base model ET-2 is a computerized power switch which is activated by two phone calls that are never answered, thereby eliminating long distance charges. Upon hearing an incoming call on either party or private telephone line, the ET-2 will activate virtually any heating system including baseboard heaters for up to eight hours.

The more advanced ET-4 model is a telephone controlled "smart thermostat" which allows users to maintain their cottage or home at one of two energy savings settings while they are away. The ET-4 is used for residences equipped with a central climate control system. Prior to arrival, the user simply makes a phone call to the cottage or home and enters a four-digit personalized code which brings the residence to the desired temperature. This provides the caller with a confirmation since the phone call is answered.

EnerTel Controls products are affordable and are designed specifically for the Canadian winter.

Enertel Controls. has been specializing in the development of products for energy efficiency and remote controls since 1976.


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