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Telephone Technology to Remotely Control Industrial Processes

Toronto - Two stand-alone industrial control systems, developed and patented by Enertel Controls Inc., allow users to remotely control industrial machines and processes, or simple electrical devices via a touch tone telephone.

Two units, the ener-Tel Controls IND-2 and IND-8, offer the user substantial savings on their energy and payroll costs as well as the convenience of not having to be on site to activate equipment. Security of operations is ensured through a four-digit access code entered over the phone.

The applications of the IND-2 and IND-8 are virtually unlimited. Any industrial application that makes use of a timer could be enhanced by the remote control feature of the IND-2 and the IND-8. Some possible applications include heating and cooling systems, pools & spas, time clock switch controls, computer systems, lights and fans, motors and pumps and the Kosher food BISHUL, CHOLOV & PAS YISROEL certification required for the Akum (nonJew) food processing industry.

Primarily intended for light industrial applications, the IND-2 can control two separate external loads with two dry contacts or a single load if the output control contacts are programmed as momentary. The IND-2 can be remotely turned on for up to 4 1/2 hours or indefinitely. The IND-2 allows the user to verify the status of each output channel of an IND unit remotely by telephone. In addition, the IND-2 can, if programmed, retain the status of the load, the command for each output channel, and will retain the previous programmed codes in the event of a power failure.

A larger version of the IND-2, the IND-8 allows the user to control up to eight external loads with eight dry contacts or four external loads with programmed momentary contacts or any combination thereof. This increased capacity gives the user the flexibility of adding additional loads to this energy management system as the need arises.

Enertel Controls also produces two models designed specifically for the residential market. The ET-2 and the ET-4 control heating and cooling systems, lights and hot water tanks in houses and secondary residences - SMART PHONE THERMOSTATS.

Enertel Controls first IND-2 Telephone Remote Control for a Bishul Akum Yisroel application ( Industrial cooking process by a non Jew ) was installed at CANADA FISHING COMPANY in Prince Rupert, British  Columbia, (Canada) in 1989 and it's being remotely operated by a Rabbi, every morning, till today.

Enertel Controls Inc. offers to Rabbis, according to the BISHUL, CHOLOV & PAS AKUM YISROEL strict Restrictions and Regulations, custom design schematic diagrams to interface a specific cooking process with our IND Telephone Remote Controls.

Enertel Controls Inc. has been specializing in the development of products for energy efficiency and remote controls since 1976. The company also manufactures products in the temperature regulation and security areas.


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